The Surf


Jersey has one of the largest tides in the world, the difference between high and low tide can be as much as 40ft. This means many spots only work on certain tides or for small periods of time only, therefore local knowledge of wind, swell and tidal conditions is essential for getting the most out of whatever size swell is around.

The island receives swell from deep areas of low pressure that track across the northern Atlantic. Perfect conditions will see a deep low sat in the Atlantic, with a blocking high pressure system sat over the UK sending offshore Easterly winds through the English Channel. During the Winter months the low pressure systems become much more intense, and tend to track right over the Island bringing severe gales or occasionally storm force winds. These lows bring with them huge swells that batter the Islands west coast, creating totally maxed out unrideable conditions, however these swells provide excellent waves on the Islands north and south coast instead.