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Please bear with me why I go through a big website update. A full new site with a new look will be developed over the next few days, so please come back soon.

The old site is still available too at


Thanks for all the support in the past and for the future.



  1. Colin
    Hey how are u? My names artie.
    I am looking for someone or a group to bodyboard with. I am in ocean county. Hopefully we can talk and meet up. I can leave my cell if interested. Hope your weekends good.


    • Hi Artie. We are not New Jersey in US, we are Jersey (the original one) a small island the other side of the Atlantic.

      • Colin

        Oh ok lol. Sorry about the mix up. I just wanted to ask u. When you walk in the water with the swim fins, do most people walk in backwards? I am somewhat new to using fins and that’s what I have been told? And once your knee deep , paddle out?
        Maybe you can tell me. Thank u

        • Ha no worries, I get numerous e-mails from New Jersey through the site. I run in forwards until deep enough to paddle. Some circumstances I might face backwards but rarely.

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